I have been asked numerous times, “aren’t you with NoteSchool”? It hasn’t been addressed anywhere, so I decided to clarify it here: I am no longer an independent contractor with NoteSchool. I wish them well.

I have been an independent contractor developing real estate and real estate note training courses since the 1990’s. I have performed numerous roles. Sometimes I was in the spotlight sometimes just a ghost writer. Sometimes I was the trainer/speaker/instructor, other times I taught the instructors.

I decided to discontinue my product creation, news blog, coaching, professional training & speaking services with NoteSchool to focus on my company, ProSpeak Productions LLC.

I believe that I have a keen insight as to what investors are looking for, what they need and how to deliver it to them. My goal is to deliver that.

I desire too, and will build relationships, joint ventures, partnerships to accomplish this. Some existing relationships, some new.

I look forward to the journey,

Kevin Shortle

ProSpeak Productions