Live Training – Orlando Florida

On November 16, 2019 you can attend this training live in-person (we will finalize an Orlando area venue once we get a feel for the number of live attendees) or through ZOOM live streaming.

The curriculum will include (but not be limited too):

  • The next paradigm in real estate. Kevin will lay out the facts of where the real estate and note market is and where it is going. If you follow his blog, you know how accurate he has been over the years. This industry is much, much more than just NPL’s.
  • New techniques on note structuring and purchasing. Whether you are creating notes or purchasing notes you have to know how to avoid risk and maximize opportunity.
  • Know how to do your due diligence no matter whom you are buying notes from or with. One of the teaching techniques Kevin uses to help you retain information is to repeat certain phrases so you they become automatic to you. One such phrase is, “think of risk first, then reward”, and this segment will show you how.
  • Advanced techniques. The way he teaches things like partials are always mind blowing but when he takes a seller-financed note purchase and shows you all the ways in which you could structure a deal it will show you how you have been missing out on opportunities.

The event is finished.

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