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With a positive start, Kevin Shortle has already delivered a 2021 state of the industry where he uncovered numerous trends. In addition, he identified areas that the new administration is likely to focus on, which includes the affordable housing space. All of that on the first episode of 2021, and a very special guest who will tell you more about how he has started and grown within the industry.

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Focus On Notes And Affordable Housing And A Special Guest Appearance With Kendra Shortle 

This is the first episode for 2021. I do appreciate you being patient as we roll out more show episodes. I’ve got to tell you it’s been going great, my new training program that I’ve refined for many years. I examined the industrysaw what was wrong with it and how things could be better. I decided to go out and do it myself and the resultsI’m over the top with them. I’ve got new people coming in on a regular basis. A lot of them with no experience in the note business and they’re within their first deal in 30 to 40 days. It’s been great. I have other people that want to take a little slower. There is no problem with that as well. I’ve got some seasoned veterans also that are using my services. 

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than oneonone assistance on our computers, going through all the paperwork. It prevents you from making mistakes and educates you along the wayIt gets you into some good deals and I’m right there with you going through everythingThe way I have it set up now, by the way, if you’re reading this and you’re not in my education and consulting program, you schedule the sessionsYou can schedule as many 60minute one-on-one sessions with me as you need toFor some people, that is quite a bit when they’re getting into that first deal. Ithen starts to die off a little bit after they purchased the deal, they start to do the workouts and everything else but it’s been fantasticThat’s where I’ve been dedicating so much of my time and effort to because that’s very important to me but this show is important as well. 

I simply have to put it into my schedule and get it doneI want to roll out a number of these. I’m going to follow up on the same plan that I had mentioned in the last show that I did in 2020, which was I’m going to do some interviewstyle episodes but I’m also going to do probably some shorter, quicker ones that won’t be fully transcribed and everything else. I’ll be doing a combination of thoseIn that way, I can get more of these shows done on a regular basis without having to go through the full production because the main show that I do go through a full production processThat’s why they don’t show up until about seven days after the recording, which includes this one as well. 

I have a special guest as I’ve been saying in my marketing efforts out to you and you’re going to enjoy this one. FirstI want to do my segment of Duly Noted. I’ve already done a State of the Industry Address so far in 2021lot of people are making projections and predictionsforecasts and everything else about what’s going to happen without studying all the information. I’ve been saying for a while, I don’t think we’re going to see some big crash like we did in 2008, 09, and 10. I think it’s going to be a little bit of a smoother ride and that’s starting to show right now. Having said that though, keep your eyes on March 2021It is going to be a very interesting month in the real estate industry in 2021 for this reason. 26%, 27% of all of the people who got forbearance plans approved, their 12month period has run up in March 2021. 

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That’s hundreds and hundreds of thousands. It comes out to almost 700,000 people in March 2021 alone are now going to have to start making their payments again in April. How many of them are going to be able to do that? How many of them are not going to be able to do thatAre banks going to be working with people? Are the banks going to be able to start foreclosure actions? If they’re not, there’s going to be a percentage of people that need our help and those notes will probably be sold. There have been some interesting numbers that banks are working more, at least in the early stages of this forbearance plan, with borrowers to get them re-performing againIt makes complete sense, by the way, because if you look at the numbers, this crisis is quite different than the last one. 

In the last one, when we had real estate values essentially drop in half in many parts of the country, it’s hard for a lender to work with someone. When they borrowed $100,000, now their house is worth $50,000 but they still owe $100,000. It’s very difficult for a lender to work with someone in that format. In this particular crisis, banks have been willing to do that. In fact, the latest numbers from Black Knight Financial Services show that the percentage of people that are in active loss mitigation is around 434,000 people. That’s 7% of all the people in the forbearance plan. Remember, there are still people that are inactive term, there are people that are now performing again, but it shows a willingness for banks to go back and start to work with peopleThat might include loan modifications and those sorts of issues. 

It should be a softer landing. What we are seeing is the overall delinquency rate is between 5% and 6%. In the last crash, it was 10%, which was a massive amount of inventory in the note businessThis is about half of thatIt’s still very significant and CoreLogic is now projecting that we’re going to see about three million seriously delinquent loans by the end of 2021They’re starting to watch the trends and everything elseI’m watching all of those trends along with them. I read all the reports that come out, but so far under this forbearance, we’ve only had about 7%, 8% of all the people who got the 12month extension have expired. Now we’re going to see a big jump in March and that’ll give us a little indicator of what is likely to come. 

For those of you looking for inventory, there is more inventory on the way, but please, there is good existing inventory right now, specifically, if you’re looking for turnkey notesIf you follow me on my Note Investor Tip of the Day on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedInI’ve mentioned this a couple of times where I said, “If you’re looking for turnkey notes, they are out there. There are people who are shifting around their inventory. They’ve owned notes for a while. They’ve made plenty of money on them and they are now looking to sell those assetsKeep your eyes out for those. Many of my clients have been purchasing up those types of assets and they’re doing great. They’re making an average yield of around 11%. Some are as high as 15%, some are as low as 10% or 9.5%That’s solid when you consider that your investment is backed by something at least two times what you invested in it. 

Turnkey notes are still looking good. Real estate investors are still creating sellerfinanced notes. We’ve got good inventory in thoseI’ve talked about this on some of my other tip of the day things where I said, “Build a relationship with some of these real estate investors who are creating these turnkey notes because that could completely change your business. That might provide you all the inventory that you need and you become the go-to person. Those notes are in good supply. I’m also seeing some notes that have some problems on there. 

The seller financed inventory, the momandpop notes if you will, the people who’ve created one note in their life sort of deals, those are still out there. If you understand how to go through those and correct any mistakes that they have made, you certainly can do some panning of the gold, if you will. Sifting through those to see which ones are good and which ones can be fixed because you can get some good deals on those. 

All of my clients have been busy. They’ve been active purchasing notes. We’re not waiting for some big event and keeping money on the sidelinesI know there were some other people recommending to do that and that is turning out to have been a mistakeThe data is out there. The data is supporting a little softer approach to this crisis here in the form of foreclosures which are absolutely ridiculous, for example. In the month of November in 2020, there were 4,400 foreclosure starts in the USWe’re under no foreclosures and even some states are not allowing foreclosure judicial cases to be heardThat’s obviously one of the big reasons. You’re not seeing that, but it no longer favors banks to do foreclosures on most of the assets on their books. 

On higher end stuff, it does. There will always be a certain level of foreclosure, but it doesn’t make sense on the affordable housing type of notes. They need to get rid of those on their books because it ended up costing them more money than we’re dealing with and that’s our bread and butterI’ll tell you what, if you are also watching the politics on this and the policymakers, in my State of the Industry address, I pointed out to Jared Bernstein and now he’s all over the news. He was the chief economist for Biden when he was VPI went back and researched this guy’s blogI looked at everything that he was talking about and the programs that he wants to doAffordable housing has been a crisis for a long time in the United States. He’s going to address that in a big way, create new programs and all sorts of things. 

Keep your eyes on affordable housing for sureI’ll be updating you as those go throughThe inventory is out there for turnkey notes, REOcreated notes and seller finance notes. The momandpop inventory is absolutely out there. We’ve got new potential inventory coming in the form of a semiperforming or nonperforming notesI want it duly noted, don’t keep your cash on the sidelines during this crisis to wait for some big event. It may not happen that way. It’s likely to be smoother and more drawn out this time aroundThere’s your segment of Duly Noted. 


I know I’ve been teasing you about this guest and I normally reveal who my guests are going to be so you can look forward to that but I wanted to keep this one a little bit special. You’re going to enjoy this as I’ve been saying because this person has been from the beginning of the note business, has introduced me into the business as wellShe is much better at dates and times and those sorts of things than I am because sometimes I can’t remember my own stories in the business and what we’ve been able to doWe’ve done that altogether because my special guest is my wife of many years, Kendra. 

How are you doing? 

I’m doing great. Thanks for doing this with meYou encouraged me to have you on to do this because it is enlightening for people to see that we’ve been in and around this business for quite some timeYou remember a lot of things better than I do. For example, I still can’t remember when I first got started in this business and what year that was and what phase of our lives that we were in at that stage. Why don’t you refresh us and tell the audience about that? 

We could go way backIt started when I was pregnant with Brent. You decided to venture out on your own and with someone else and it grew from thereI’m going to say in 95 is when you took the leap of faith to go, I can do this business. That’s when the first book was written, the book of many. 

I looked that up and my first book came out in 1999That makes sense in 95 because I didn’t write the book right away. We got the experience with the business first before I wrote the bookYou were instrumental in introducing me to someone who was starting the businessI partnered up with him and we did wellBefore that, I was traveling very often at that point in time. 

You were still working for the company. You and I both worked and I got laid off. That’s when I was pregnantYou decided to venture on your own. I guess we took a big leap of faith there. One of the guys that I was working with was doing the business, not a small scale, working for the same company that was doing the layoffsYou guys decided to take that venture onYou were working from home and traveling. 

We were fearless back then. It is interesting when you go back and I didn’t recall all of those. I remember getting started in the business but I didn’t realize it’s tough. A lot of people reading probably will go like, “When is the best time for me to get started in notes and when is the best time for this?” I jumped into it full-timeas she explained there, but I’m certainly not suggesting anybody quits their job and jumps in a note business on a full-time basisBack then, it was so different too. Do you remember how we did all the research and everything? I know you weren’t that active in it at that time. 

KSS 63 Kendra Shortle | Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing: Build a relationship with some of these real estate investors who are creating these turnkey notes because that could completely change your business.


You were already in it but decided you were going to do it on your ownThat’s when you did write a program. You guys did the program. We were doing the binders at home and stuffing them all and putting them all together and boxing them upThere’s no good time because neither one of us, if someone said, “You’re going to be pregnant and get laid off and he’s going to start a new company. We would probably have said, “There’s no way that’s ever going to happen. We’re not ready to do that. Everybody knows you’re never ready, but you know when you’re readyIt was certainly a labor of love at that point. It still is but it was definitely, “Let’s do this now. Let’s get it going.” You are traveling, which is good. You were out there but you’re also starting something from home and the roots of where you are now for sure. 

I do remember the days. We did a couple of things. When we started out in the business, it’s so much easier because of the internetlead sources, trading platforms and documents online. We didn’t have any of that. We had to go to the courthouse and the way we started our business, which is something you still could do with virtual assistance, we used to have to go to the courthouse and find leadsShortly into the business, we found a way that we could buy lead listsOnce we got the lead lists, then we would send out lettersIt dawned on me that, “Let me write a training program. It had to be the first training program I’ve ever writtenI said, “Let me build a program where I can teach people how to do this. We can sell the training programThose people will be out in the field like a bird dog network. 

It’s copying a similar strategy to how people were wholesaling properties but this became wholesaling notes and we would get the leads out to them. They would send out the letters. I wrote the letters for people and everything but they would send them out, mail them out, follow up on the deals, bring them back to us. We would get them quotedI do remember, yes, we were our own packing and shipping and printing department. We had the threering binders with the cassette tapes. 

You also were still out speaking at that time as wellYou were working fulltime and we were starting that businessIt was a seven-day-a-week venture for sure. 

I also went into a partnership with Charles GivensHe was a popular author at the time. Wealth Without Risk was his number one bestselling book at the timeHe liked my program and they incorporated it into their sales as wellThat put us on the mapIt was nice to get his endorsement from a number one selling author. He published a couple of books after that. 

They didn’t package anything. Those orderswe packagedThere were the binders and the inserts in the mailings and all that. 

I remember I had a little Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printer. That thing served us well because we would print everything out on the threering binder paper and put the coverslips in. It was definitely grassroots of start from scratch type of programIn the long run, that served us very well. There are a lot of lessons to be learned in that hopefully, we pass on to our son and work ethic and everything else. 

What you say is, “You can plan and plan. There’s no good time. You have to hold your nose and jump in. It’s either going to work or it’s not but if you keep doing it, then eventually you will get something from it, which is where we are now. 

Let’s move fast forward thenWhen we started this once again, it probably wasn’t ideal. I left a wellpaying position and decided I see things a different way and I want to take things a different direction and took that leap of faith to do itWhat’s the difference that you see in the way we’re doing things now versus then and how I feel about the business. There are some insights people might find funny or helpful. 

You were ready to do something else on your own for a whileWhen you finally made that decision to venture out on your own again, it was not an ideal timeOur son was going into collegeThe expenses never changed. They essentially get bigger. You think they get easier, but they don’tI supported that 100% as Brent did. As a family, we made that decisionYou needed to do that because you were doing so much writing and you always had stuff that you wrote and put aside and said, I’m going to pocket thatI’m going to keep that for another time. You were readyWe were nervous. I’m not going to fool anybody. It was like, We’re doing this again. Here we are. 

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Everything you’ve done on your own every single time, there were times in between all of this, pockets of months and chapters that you were thinking about going with other people and you’re going to do it this way or that wayEssentially those never worked outOne day, I remember understanding every time you’ve done something on your own, it’s always been a better road and you’ve been more successful and you’ve been much happierIt was the core of, “Let me get back to what I know and what I’m good at and what I want to share, what’s my passion and what makes me happy. That’s been a blessing truly. 

I’m definitely happierWe had to make the adjustment of travel and not travel. 

The adjustment is you all have to understand when we got married, he started working for Charles Givens a week later and we didn’t have a honeymoon. He traveled 50 weeks a year. Let me go a little way back. He didn’t even see the house that we bought until I signed the papers. A lot of things are like, I’ve got to get stuff done,” and he traveled all the time. Now when he was home doing the business and traveling, he was working at homeOur son was used to him as a baby being home and seeing him every day and working and then he’s traveling again and all of a sudden, he’s home every day. I love you but it was an adjustment, for sure. 

It’s worked out good. Having the connection through Zoom and everything else has worked wellI know you see me in my office all the time, sometimes at night when you get home, sometimes on the weekends. I’m talking into a microphone and a lot of times and I’m doing one-on-one sessions with people but that’s been great. I enjoy itI know I share with you at a dinner or basic conversation about what other people are doingIt comes through pretty clear that I’m passionate about doing this and helping people outThe adjustments have been good on this side as well. 

The biggest takeaway I take from our conversations is how excited you are in helping people succeed. You talk about people with their deals, with their notes, with their learningThat I hear loud and clear over anything, you’re excited about what you’re teaching other peopleTo me, I think that you’re the best in the industry as far as knowledge, hands down. On the peripheral, I don’t do the business but I certainly hearknow and see what you’ve been through over the yearsI certainly think that you are the biggest and best talent in the industry when it comes to researchI’m not biased about that at all. 

You’ve been with me from the get-go on all of thisWe even skipped over a whole big chapter in there where I was on TV all the time and interviewing people who had done well in the business. You remember those days of all the filming for TV and things that we didThat was for other companies but good resultsWhen you look back at how involved I’ve been in this and even the real estate side when I was writing programs for Robert AllenCarleton Sheets and names that people would know, that’s why I also never came into this saying, “Everybody should just do notes. Notes are the only thing because you and I, we did a heck of a lot of real estate together and I was still traveling through a lot of thatlot of the burden fell on you and our son was knee-high at that point in time. Tell us about that a little bit. 

We rehabbed a lot of houses. It got to be over 100 or way more than thatI was pretty much the form inside. I know we had a partner, but we did so much rehab and one thing I learned is I don’t ever want to be a landlordIt was not for me, but rehabbing I lovedbut it is harder to find those, especially nowadays. Back then, it was so much easierI do like that we saw the side of the hammer, nail, drywall and plumbing. We’ve done it allTo know that it led you here. It’s your full-scale knowledge of, “I’ve done that too. Our family has done that tooWe get a lot on that side, for sure, which also helps me see the difference of what you do now versus what we did in the properties. 

We were doing about 50 properties a year. We do about six buying sessions a yearWe’re typically buying ten properties at a time during our peak thereWe are well over 100. That was also traveling because both my partner and I traveled for a period of time thereYou had to organize all the crews and show up when you needed to and make sure they were on the jobIt’s a lot of work and effort. 

These houses were pretty beat up. These were the dumpster for the first couple of weeks and cleaning up and you getting in there. It was a labor of love and it was from beginning to end but it was nice to do that and turn them around for people who did need those homesIt was a lot of work. 

I know why because I remember the stories on it. When we first saw that property up on Alma Avenue in Lake Mary and I called you to come over and you and Brent came over. Do you remember that house? 

I remember it. That’s where I said, I don’t ever want to be a landlord again.” I’m done with that. 

Do you remember going in the house the first time? 

It was a sight. 

KSS 63 Kendra Shortle | Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing: Go back to what you know, what you’re good at, what you want to share, and what makes you happy.


That was a lot of fleas. Many people were walking in that house. The real estate agent who had this property for sale pre-foreclosure or whatever it was, they were smart. They invited everybody about 5, 10 minutes apart, so that way it looks like there are a lot of people interestedIt’s Florida, it’s in the summer. It’s hot. The house has been closed up for a while and it was fleainfested because as soon as you walked in the door, they were all over you. 

I remember walking through that house, scraping my legs off every couple of minutes and going through itYou showed up with Brent and I was like, “You guys don’t want to come in here because they’re going to be all over you. A lot of people took two steps in and turned around and left, but we had learned by that point that you can clean anything, all of that stuff outlot of people were discouraged and wouldn’t even go in the house because the fleas were that badYou were waiting outside for meThat’s when the big black snake went by you too. Do you remember that? 

No, I probably blocked it. 

That’s why I remember the property because there was a big black snake that went by and there you are being mama bear because you got the little boy Brent there with you, our son, and that snake went by and you’re like, “That’s it. We’re out. I’m done with this one.” You bolted and we ended up getting that property and we decided to keep that one as a rental. That went a different direction pretty quick. We still made money on it but iis different being landlordsI don’t think we enjoyed that too much. 

One of the biggest things I do remember is, again, another facet of learning all of this is that I had that easement issue. It was half an inch or an inch over into the neighbor’s propertyThat was a lengthy process. I never realized how intense that was. Brent and I were in our matching overalls to go to court. I had to go before a judge after getting signatures from every neighbor and every power company and utility companyThe one neighbor who the easement was in her property wouldn’t sign it. Thus, I went to court. I took Brent that one day but it was probably about a sixmonth process, but I learned a lot about how the background and the internal workings of that part of the real estate worksIt’s not a simple thing. It’s permitting. 

Even in Lake Mary, when we had Alma, if your permit slipped down, they would say, “No, you don’t pass inspection. You couldn’t have a certain door. I learned a lot along the way, as far as how that all works when it comes to paperwork and when it comes to, you’ve got to have your ducks in a row. It’s not just buying a property and going in and tearing out drywall. There are a lot of other things to itIt was certainly an education for me. 

I forgot about that because again, I was traveling when you had to deal with that permit issueI’m not as familiar with that because you were doing that on a regular basisThe Alma one, I do remember because I was so frustrated with that inspector. I don’t know if it was electric, plumbing, roof or whatever it was, they were supposed to come over and we had the permit taped in the window. It’s the middle of summer. It’s hotI guess the heat melted the tape enoughIt was outside the door, wasn’t it? It was on the outside of the door because it fell down and it was down on the welcome mat, but the inspector said it wasn’t posted so, “We didn’t do the inspectionI had a schedule. Another inspection.” It was going to take another three weeks before they can come back out thereIn the meantime, I can’t sell the house.  

Remember, back then, nothing was online. It was going to the courthouse. Remember the lady in Lake Mary, the little British lady with the big book. You don’t do anything online. This is all phone calls. There were no cell phones. Maybe cell phones were coming in but it was all legwork as far as you’ve got to go physically to the courthouse, physically to the power company or sit home and make callsIt was certainly a bigger task than now what we sometimes take for granted of, Let me get onlinetype a few things in and I’m good to go. 

I don’t think we had met when I was an appraiser. I think that was too early. 

No, that was before your life began. 

It was my preKendra days. I’m reflecting in hindsight, when I did appraisals back then, again, there were no internet and cell phones. You went to the courthouse, you went through the books, you had to grind it out and it was much more challenging but there’s something to be said about that is that you learn the business the right way because that has gone on to serve me very well later on. What I do now with people, it’s the same thing. I take them through a process that’s taken me years to refineMany people have copied that procedure because it works, it’s effective and it keeps you going. When we did the rehab properties, I would always walk around the outside of the house counterclockwise. 

I would walk through the inside of the house counterclockwise and that way you get muscle memory going and you are able not to make mistakes or at least avoid costly mistakes at a minimumThat’s a big part of what I do but we do it all through Zoom and walking people through their deals and checking the paperwork and everything elseIt’s very similar lessons that you have to do but there’s something about having to grind some of these out, having to learn through your own mistakes and hopefully through the mistakes of others, so you don’t have to go through that process is consistent throughout what we’ve always done in real estate. 

Don’t forget, we were doing a personal lender too, a private lender and that was different. That was not going through banksThat was higher interest rates. We had a certain amount of time. We knew that we got to knock this one out in three months. We got to be on it. One of the biggest things also too that you still deal with now and I hear you in your deals and talking with people is that always expect something. You dig deep and you can say, “See this paperwork,” or their signature or, “There was another part of that title. Those things don’t change. The way that we do business has changed but your level of dedication and knowledge and what you look for and you always expect that something might come up and you’re not surprised, that hasn’t changedThat’s why you’re so seasoned in doing that. 

I love to learn new things too. You mentioned the private lender that we had, Bill. I learned a lot from him. That’s how I first was introduced to land contracts. I’ve never heard of land contracts before but when we borrowed money from him, which we did on every property we’ve had. 

We had a great relationship with him. 

Everyone we did was through a land contractOnce I started lending money and put together that little fund, I started using land contracts and his daughter and I became business partners brieflyWe trained some people on doing that as wellI try to find lessons in everythingThe research stuff and the detail came because of the real estate crash. Everybody, including us, who is heavily involved in real estate or fully involved in real estate, you got hurt. Everybody did to some degreeLooking back on that, there were certainly signs. 

We owned a part of a mortgage company back then and didn’t have a good partner on that one, but there were enough signs on the type of loans that were being underwritten. We’re going, “This can’t last forever. It happened so quickly. We got caught up in it as millions of other real estate investors did too and took a big hit on that but lesson learned. For me, after that, I said, I’ve got to become a student of the marketplace. That’s why I love doing the research because I want to have the best idea of about what’s happening now and what’s likely to happen in the future. I don’t want to go through that again. 

No, I don’t either. Thank you. Out of that came so much knowledge in so much direction and the worst thing that always happens to you is the best thing that happens to youa lot of times as people sayIt’s served you well in where you are now, for sure. 

Picking yourself back up and getting back out there, dusting yourself off as they say and getting back out thereI carry all those with us and it’s pretty welldiversified. We’ve always been in some capacity in real estateWas there a period of time where we weren’t? 

Obviously, before we had 9:00 to 5:00 jobs and we were young and when you started working for Givens was the key factor. I remember living in West Palm and you went to one of his seminars and you said, I can do this. This is what I want to do. I can speak. I’m like, Sure. I haven’t had any idea that was going this way. I believe it was about a month before we got married that you started working for himYou were commuting up to Orlando. They were allowing you to fly out to West PalmIt has been many years that this has been a part of our life in some capacity. We’ve seen the highs and the lows from beginning to end. 

We were at West Palm and Charles Givens was coming into townIt ended up not being him. He had an infomercial going and I’m like, I’m going to go to this. They had about 200 people and I can’t remember which hotel down there, but John Dix was the speaker and he was very goodI do remember that and going, “That’s what I want to doThat is something that I could do. I sent an application to that company the same day and I ended up getting hired. 

Let’s be clear too. You didn’t get hired as a speaker. You built your way up from your bootstraps as salesperson and sales managerYou got an opportunity to speak and there we areI started working for him. We moved to Orlando. I worked in the real estate division. 

That eventually got us into the note business. The speaking opportunity came at the Christmas party because the manager of the real estate division thought I was already speaking and I wasn’tAt the Christmas party, she goes, I want you to come to the real estate side,” and that’s what happenedI got a lot of trying to become a professional speaker. I remember they said, “You have to have your real estate license. I’m like, I already have it. You have to have your insurance license. I went and got that and then they said, “You have to have your Securities license Series 7 and Series 63.  

I went and I did that. I knew some of the other speakers don’t have any of that stuff but they were trying to push me offI’ll tell you, a lot of the speakers did not want to get up at 5:00 in the morning and go do the local radio or TV showThat’s where I saw my opportunity and said, I’ll do it. I started doing morning radio, morning TV show, anything I could do to get in front and talk and they still wouldn’t give me a chance at speakingWhen I finally did, they gave me one shot. I didn’t do well. It’s your first time up there and you’re trying to sell a product. 

You didn’t do terribly either. You did okay. 

The first time, I wasn’t nervous but what I tried to do and it was the lesson learned was I tried to memorize certain portions of things and I’ve always stayed away from that now. Just know your subject very well and you don’t have to worry about memorizing or going through a particular patternbut yes, you introduced me to the lady at the Christmas partyI was over in the real estate division teaching real estateThat’s where I also started learning about notes and ended up getting into that business as well. A little trip down memory laneI thought you would be interested in hearing that backgroundWhen you have a partner in this business and a good partner in life, it goes a long way with what you can do, get through the bumps and the peaks and valleys, if you will, of the real estate and real estate notes. 

KSS 63 Kendra Shortle | Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing: You got to have your ducks in a row. It’s not just buying a property, going in, and tearing out drywall. There’s a lot of other things to it.


All those lessonsthere’s no right time. You can get into this business now utilizing very little time. I’m not saying to anyone ever quit your job and do this fulltime. It takes a while to build up and be able to do this and do it effectively, but you don’t need to. You can do this part-time now. You don’t have to go to the courthouse. You’ve got trading platforms that you can look at. You’ve got consultants like myself that can work with you one-on-one and guide you through these proceduresIt’s much easier nowYou only have to put a couple of hours a week into this to get it goingYou can decide later on if it’s something that you want to continue to pursue and at a higher level or end up buying a couple of notes here and thereYou’ve got a lot of advantages that we didn’t have going through this. There are a couple of ways to learn. You can learn by trial and error, which does cost time, money and everything elseYou can also learn through learning through the experience of other peopleThat’s the other way to do it. 

The biggest advantage that your people have now is they have you. They didn’t have that back then, years ago. There wasn’t the person who dedicated the consulting and this and that. You went to a seminar, you bought the program and you did it on your ownMost people probably didn’t pursue that because they didn’t have that mentor. They didn’t have that person that they could have consulting withYou’ve taken your years of knowledge and the blessing is for your people and anybody else who wants to get your programThis is not a sales pitch. This is the truth that you have somebody who knows this business better than anyone. Hands down, I will say that 100%If you are going to take that leap of faith, you do have a solid foundation with you to do more of the business because most people don’t have that. 

I appreciate that and appreciate everybody for readingPlease share it with a friend and do hit subscribe. That does help me out because I want to continue to grow this show. I want to be able to attract various guests for you, also some advertising for us allHopefully, that involves a discount for many of the merchants or other vendors that we need in the industryI’m going to commit to putting this on my calendar to do, again, at least 1 to 2 big types of a show per month and hopefully several smaller other ones as well. 

The small ones I won’t have fully transcribed with these larger ones. I will do that for you allThank you very much for readingI look forward to talking to you on the phone and such. If you want to schedule an appointment with me, you can go to my website, get the email address and send it my way. I’d be glad to send you a calendar schedule so that we can talk or even look to see if this business is right for you. If you’re looking for consulting, I’ll be glad to talk about that and what I can do for you as wellThank you, Kendra. I’ll talk to you soon. 

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