MWM Fund

Just around the corner from you, right here in America, we witnessed trustworthy folks in difficult situations being neglected and written off by big banks every day.

Their mortgage has ‘failed’ for some reason, maybe an injury, maybe a disaster, who knows. Stuff happens, even to the qualified people we help.

What we witnessed and experienced motivated us to create this fund that would have two actions; do something good for both investors and homeowners.

We named it MWMfund and here we are.


Discover business financing options you never knew you had with alternative lenders and investors.

Lines of Credit – Unsecured Business Financing – Asset Based Loans

Multiple Finance Options All In One Place

Real life finance officers that will help you with exactly what funding you qualify for right now from hundreds of sources that we work with directly.


We have a passion to help investors stay compliant. No deal is too good to risk being on the bad side of an audit. The CFPB takes no prisoners, and we can’t put a price on peace-of-mind. With 21 years in lending and a passion to help, we set out to bridge investors with owner-occupied buyers, and open a door where both could prosper, safely.

Quick Friendly Reminder From Your Favorite Underwriters

On October 1st
CTU’s All-Inclusive
Underwriting Fee
is now $495, and includes…

1. Credit Report
2. Flood Certification
3. Value Certification
4. Loan Disclosures
5. ATR Underwriting
6. Dodd Frank
Ability to Repay Certificate


We Now Provide
Loan Closing Documents
for just $249

1. Mortgage Note & Deed
– All 50 States
2. Land Contract (CFD)
– Where Allowed


We Now Convert
CFD/Land Contracts to a
Mortgage Note and Deed
for just $249

Dodd Frank Compliance
Fee (for conversions) is
just $149.
Performing Notes Only


Baldwin Advisory Group (BAG)  has over 35 years of Real Estate experience as a Realtor, Loan Originator, Mortgage Wholesaler, Mortgage Correspondent, Mortgage Warehouse Professional, Title Research & setting up multiple National Mortgage Net Branching operations, BAG is in a unique position to provide expertise for investors in today’s various real estate market opportunities. Having created long term business relationships with all of our Service Providers over the years, we now are offering the Investor, an opportunity of sharing our strength in numbers & knowledge.


Equity First Funding, LLC is a Maryland Limited Liability Company, formed on January 20th 2016 with the purpose of buying, holding and selling Real Estate Notes secured by Mortgages or Contract for Deeds. We also purchases REOs, reselling them with owner financing to deserving buyers in an effort to provide homeownership and a positive economic and social impact to underserved communities. This model not only benefits the community, but also creates an additional source of Note inventory for EFF, that are held for cash flow or sold to other investors who are interested in higher yielding alternative investments that are backed by real estate.

NuView Trust Company, Inc.

NuView Trust Company is a premier, regulated Custodian for self-directed alternative investments, primarily held in IRA and retirement accounts. Since their formation more than 15 years ago, NuView Trust has strived to provide their clients with the broadest possible choices in their IRAs. While other custodians tend to reject non-traditional investments, NuView’s administrative platform was designed with alternatives in mind.


Manage Your Note Business

Kevin Shortle met and trained the company owner, Richard McGrew, over 2 years ago. Richard created this program by building a program around his and other successful investors experiences. Click the Discount link below or this link for a 50% discount on the initial set-up fee. The discount code is “Notes”.

Detailed instructions:

  • Click the Discount Link below or this link

  • Once on the website, click “join now”

  • Enter discount code “Notes”

  • Click PayPal checkout button

  • You will receive a welcome email



NoteUnlimited Inc. is a premier note due-diligence and management portal that provides mortgage note investors: buyers, brokers, and sellers tools to manage and evaluate note (mortgage) investments.
At NoteUnlimited, we understand the myriad of information that is required to manage a note portfolio and due-diligence necessary to make an informed note investment. From managing partial sales to evaluation of exit strategies for your note investment, NoteUnlimited has proven to save time and money.