Kevin Shortle with iNote Success is back on the show with Abhi to talk about investing in notes. Find out how the passive investor can start investing in notes and how notes differ from bonds, stocks and cash. How has the note industry changed over the years? Kevin goes over it all with us.

Some people are concerned with the non-performing note inventory and Kevin has the inside scoop for us. He says combining the best of real estate with the best of note strategies is a great idea and has some insight and tips if you are interested in this route.

Kevin will be a speaker in Dallas for the Think Realty Conference & Expo in February and both he and Abhi get excited for what’s to come! Kevin’s topic will be, “Making Money with Real Estate & Notes,” and he has great ideas for the benefits of investing in notes and he lets listeners’ know what he is most looking forward to in Dallas.

Tune in to find out all of this from Kevin and more! Come see Kevin LIVE in Dallas at the Think Realty Conference & Expo February 16th and 17th. To learn more about Kevin and iNote Success visit or today!