In today’s business environment we find that busy executives, physicians, dentists and entrepreneurs are looking for a passive investment that offers a strong return with a high degree of security. The problem is that an investment asset such as that is difficult to find. One won’t find that in the stock market, Treasury Bonds, mutual funds, precious metals or even real estate investment properties.

Challenges Overcome

One investment asset class that meets this criteria are mortgaged-backed real estate notes. Sophisticated investors from Wall Street to Main street have enjoyed the benefits and passive secured returns from this investment class for years.

The successful business owner, however, finds this investment difficult to tap into. It requires specialized knowledge, due diligence efforts and guidance of an experienced eye to properly locate, assess and close these transactions.

We are the only provider of this type of service

Our Note Concierge program solves all of the issues making it extremely easy to invest in one of the best opportunities among all investments. Our experts have over 30 years of experience and have closed over $30 million in transactions.

What We Deliver

Imagine having experienced and industry recognized experts provide investment opportunities tailored to your personal investment goals and risk tolerance. You have the ability to choose to purchase or pass on the personalized asset list that we found and analyzed for you. We’re even with you through the closing process.

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